Mother and Daughter

An original painting
by Carlo Jean-Jacques

Dated 1973 - 24 inches x 30 inches

Oil on Canvas; Framed.

Framed size: 29½ inches x 35½ inches

In this large, sensitive portrait of a young mother and her daughter, Jean-Jacques reveals the pair's love for each other, along with a stoic, quiet resolve. The facial expressions and postures say it all: the tilt of the heads, the steady gazes, the positions of the arms. That the artist could accomplish this with a limited-pallet and the simple rendering of shapes and lines is a testament to his talent.

Condition: Excellent in a custom frame.

Mother and Daughter was one of 25 Haitian paintings from this collection that were exhibited in the show Life in Bold Colors at Sonoma State University, Sonoma, California in 2007.