An original painting
by Blake Jamieson

A collaboration with Efdot

2020 - 18 inches x 24 inches

Acrylic, Spray Paint, and Krink on Canvas; Self-Framed.

This painting is a collaboration between Blake Jamieson and Eric 'Efdot' Friedensohn, created in Jamieson's Long Island City, NY studio on 13 Aug 2020. Reference photo of Babe Ruth from public domain. Stencil and Babe figure by Jamieson. Babe face and name by Efdot.

Two originals were created, one for each artist. This one was Jamieson's.

From this original, a limited, numbered edition of 25 copies on archival paper were released. Those were full-size (18 inches x 24 inches), were signed by both artists, and were released at $350 each. Simultaneously, unsigned, unlimited editions of Prints-On-Canvas were also released, priced from $60 to $150.

Condition: Excellent; as fresh as the day it was painted. The canvas cleanly wraps around the stretchers, and is ready to hang. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity issued by Jamieson.