Posing for a Portrait

Posing for a Portrait

An original painting
by Micius Stephane

Circa 1965 - 10¼ inches x 14 inches

Oil on Masonite; Framed.

Framed size: 11½ inches x 15 inches

Rather than a finished portrait, this painting feels more like a picture of a couple posing for their portrait. The man is relaxed—almost too relaxed—and the woman appears somewhat tense and uncomfortable. A deceptively simple, very interesting piece.

Condition: Very good. Floats in a thin Haitian wood frame.

Provenance: James S. Huffman Collection
James S. Huffman had a distinguished 35 year career in the United States Foreign Service. A serious collector of primitive and naive art, he sought pieces local to the regions where he served. From 1963-1965, Huffman was posted to the Dominican Republic. From there, he often went to Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, where he purchased more than 50 paintings, many of them from Le Centre d'Art and Galerie Issa.