Debajo de un palmar

Debajo de un palmar

An original painting
by María Dolores Rodríguez

Dated 1998 - 28½ inches x 28½ inches

Oil on Canvas; Framed.

Framed size: 31 inches x 31 inches

Debajo de un palmar is the first in a series of three paintings that were executed shorty before the artist went to study in Mexico. Each concerns the mermaid (here shown seated with her back to us). This painting depicts the mermaid's wedding reception. Friends and family of the groom are gathered around a table under the palms, while the mermaid's friends are seen in the lower left corner of the painting. Another mermaid swims just offshore.

In the second painting in the series, Descorazonada, the mermaid is seen alone in a room, curled up on the floor in a puddle of water, with her broken heart on a plate on a small table. The final painting in the series, Velorio, shows the mermaid lying in an open casket.

Condition: Very good. Floats is a custom wood frame.