Marchandes (Market Women)

Marchandes (Market Women)

An original painting
by Wilmino Domond

Circa 1960 - 16 inches x 20 inches

Oil on Masonite; Framed.

**Framed size: **21 inches x 25 inches

Three Haitian market women dominate this colorful Wilmino Domond painting. The piece incorporates the artist's trademark trees, detailed leaves, and patterned clothing. The woman on the right is either securing her money or retrieving it from her underwear, a common practice in rural Haiti.

Condition: Excellent in a custom wooden frame with a cloth liner, as seen in the images.

*Marchandes *was one of 25 Haitian paintings from this collection that were exhibited in the show Life in Bold Colors at Sonoma State University, Sonoma, California in 2007.